Birth Photography


Why hire a birth photographer?

The birth of your children is one of the most amazing and memorable moments of your life.
The more accurate question would be “Why wouldn’t you?”

If you’re like most, you likely spent thousands of dollars on your wedding photos. It just doesn’t make sense to have your husband bring a point and shoot to the birth of their children and hope he remains composed enough during this emotional roller-coaster to take a washed out photo or two!

Hiring a birth photographer frees up Dad (and other support persons) to focus on you, not on taking pictures. Not to mention it allows these people to actually be IN the photos

I should have hired a birth photographer for the birth of my last daughter because my husband was a nervous wreck and my mom was there to offer me support. If I could have photographed my daughters birth, I would have, but that’s just not realistic.

That is why hiring a birth photographer is so amazing. I regret not doing it, and you won’t regret doing it. You’ll treasure having those moments captured on film for the rest of your life, and your husband/labor coach can enjoy the moment along with you, rather than being pressured to take photos and capture those special moments.


You are probably thinking…


Wouldn’t it be uncomfortable having someone you barely know there taking pictures?

No more so than the doctors, nurses, midwives, doulas, and, if you’re really lucky, med students! A birth photographer is no different. When I am photographing a birth, I am a professional there to do my job. One thing I pride myself on is being as invisible as possible. You likely will not even notice I am there. Also, I will meet with you beforehand for a consultation to discuss everything and get to know you. Especially if you book a maternity session with me during pregnancy, I won’t be any more of a stranger to you than your doctor or midwife.


But I don’t want pictures of myself in labor or my private areas!

Totally fine! During our consultation meeting, we can discuss what you would like photographed and what you do not. The photos can be as private (or not private!) as you want. My main focus in birth photography is capturing all the emotions and reactions that are so plentiful during the birthing process. Your privacy and comfort is my highest concern, so I will photograph as much or as little as you dictate.

Also, some people choose to have the actual birth photographed and simply keep those photos to themselves. There is no law that says you have to share all the pictures. Some people like having them for the memory or for the curiosity, but not to share.

Regardless, birth photography does not have to be an invasive experience where you bear all in front of the camera. There is more than enough to photograph at your birth no matter how much or little privacy you prefer.


What if I need an emergency C-section or other emergency
and they won’t allow the photographer in the room?

Well, sometimes that happens! But it doesn’t mean all the action is missed there are still plenty of memorable moments to be captured after a c-section. In fact, c-section or not, the whole first 24 hours of the baby’s life are just filled with emotion and tender moments. In case of such an event, I am more than happy to stick around or come back later to photograph those special bonding moments in the first hours with your new baby.


What if you don’t arrive in time?

It technically could happen, but its unlikely. If it were to happen, I could still arrive afterward and photograph the special moments after the birth at a reduced rate.

Bottom line – birth is unpredictable. But I will do everything in my power to provide you with beautiful documentation of your birth experience, whatever that may turn out to be. My aim is to ensure you are as comfortable as possible, and provide you with memories captured for a lifetime that you will treasure forever.


If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to email me at
I look forward to answering any question or concerns you might have.

, Lizzie