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I met this cutie at the beach, He & his gorgeous family recently moved from out of state and wanted a beach session. Unfortunately we had to reschedule his 1st session due to rain, but as you can see it all worked out just fine.  He LOVED the beach, but unfortunately at 1st he wasn’t too thrilled that I was their, nor was he too impressed by my huge lens, so we played a few peek a boos games, splash around a bit and then he was all smiles for the rest of the session.


Enjoy <3








After speaking with Harrison’s Momma, we decided on  a “LIFESTYLE ” shoot.  Honestly, nothing beats capturing those sweet moments at home with your tiny newborn, Our little ones grow so quickly, that we sometimes forget all those crazy 1st few weeks. You know what I am talking about, all of those countless feeding, diaper changes, the endless sleepless days & nights. The days just bleed into one another and the next thing you know, your tiny newborn is no longer tiny nor a newborn. So take a DEEP breath and  take it all in, enjoy these hectic days, soon enough we all forget.

So with all that said.. I’ll leave you with a few sweet moments I was able to capture of little Harrison and his loving parents!




Liz <3





harrison3 harrison2


What is Lifestyle you ask?…


Lifestyle photography is a style of portrait/people photography which aims to capture and document real-life events, situations, or milestones in an artistic manner.



Little Luca is now 6 months old, why I am so surprised when I get these phone calls that “it’s time again for the pictures”. I now they grow quickly… I see it in my own kids, but can someone please slow down time!!

Seriously as always, I had a blast with Luca and his parents! Its nice to work with a family that are so easy going and can really go with the flow.. If baby isn’t in the mood to smile well then mommy and daddy will put on a show for me, AHME I mean the baby! 😉 It was truly a blast and I got to see the many face of Luca, and boy does he have a few to share with us all.





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Z & his beautiful family!

How is it, that Little Z is already 8 months old already? Seems like just yesterday, that I met this tiny beautiful baby boy. I honestly was beyond thrilled to have connect with Z and his amazing parents, Very rarely do I get 1st time parents that are so relaxed and trusting of someone holding their sweet little bundle of joy. Now here we are just a short few months later and he couldn’t be a sweeter baby. This family has become one of my favorites to photograph, we have shared many laughs and have capture sweet memories, I’m even lucky enough to get sweet cuddles from the little man himself!




Little  Ms. Aaliyah is back for her  3 months old session,  what a complete sweet heart she was durning our {VERY} hot and muggy day, She was such a trooper!

We all had many laughs during this session, she would go from smiles to cries all in a matter of seconds. Honestly she was a dream to capture, with her beautiful big eyes and her sweet little gummy smile!  Can’t wait to see her again in 3 months!